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When Amanda sent our wedding pictures to us, I wrote her an email that simply said I'm not ready to talk about it yet because I can't even come close to finding the right words. All I can muster up for now is thank you. 16 months later, those words still ring true. Whenever we look back on our pictures from that day (and from our engagement shoot!) I find myself speechless.

I wish I had words to describe how amazing Amanda is. Besides having my husband as my groom, Amanda was the only other person I knew for sure had to be at my wedding. She is so talented and such a wonderful person that I am beyond grateful that I had her there on our special day and that she was the one capturing it all for us. She is truly incredible!
Amanda took care of us from the minute we first contacted her about shooting our wedding. She was patient, kind, hilarious and so easy going. She answered all of our questions and was all too forgiving when we'd get off schedule or became overwhelmed.

We had so much fun with Amanda on our wedding day and the pictures just blew us away. The pictures were just extraordinary. I actually said to Amanda, I don't know what kind of wizard/fairy godmother/goddess you are, but I am obsessed with the pictures you take and the moments you capture. Looking at the photographs, I fell in love with my husband (and with Amanda, in the least creepy way possible!) all over again. To this day, I still don't know how to explain what it is like to look through the images. As someone who doesn't have the highest self-esteem, but completely adores my now husband, I look at them and feel like if that's how happy and in love I am when I look at him or am with him, I guess I understand why he picked me to spend his life with. I will cherish those memories that you so perfectly documented forever.

Not only did I fall in love with Amanda and her photography, but my entire family/bridal party became obsessed with her too. They all were in agreement that she is unbelievable. When I sent the photos to my parents, my dad's response was "gorgeous! They're just so you guys!" which I feel like is the greatest compliment of all. My mom told me that after the wedding, she looked at the teasers every day because she said Amanda captured it all so perfectly and it felt like she can really relieve the day through those pictures (my mom is the world's toughest critic so this compliment holds a ton of weight coming from her!)

If this wasn't all enough, I reached out to Amanda a few months ago, just shy of our year anniversary. Unfortunately, my father suddenly passed away. In making the arrangements, we were trying to find the perfect photo of him for his obituary and to display at the funeral. My entire family thought of Amanda immediately because she had done such an amazing job of capturing the essence of who we were at my wedding. There was one of my dad in particular that was especially perfect. I reached out to Amanda and asked if she could crop the photo for me to fit the necessary specs and within hours, Amanda had responded with the picture and a heartfelt message offering her condolences. She even remembered a memory of my dad from that day. I could never put into words how much comfort that provided me during such a devastating time. It had been over a year and with all the other families she meets and occasions she shoots, Amanda found a way to make me feel as special as she did on my wedding day. She is truly one of a kind and a talent beyond measure.

Rachel & Jason - October 2015

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