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If you've made it this far, you already know the importance of photography. That moment where your dad sees you in your wedding attire for the very first time, when your maid of honor makes you go from laughing to crying in an instant, the way your kids giggle when you say "fart" but you've never managed to get a good photo of that laugh, the way your dog looks at you when you make kissy sounds, how your spouse always grabs your butt when they pull you in for a kiss... Moments you'll never get back, moments I can freeze so you have them forever.

That's why I aim to document the little instances that often go unnoticed. These are the times when people forget to smile for the camera and let their true selves shine through. There's nothing I love more than hearing someone exclaim, "I had NO idea you caught that!" I strive to capture everyone who sets foot in front of my lens like they're my very best friend.

When I myself got married, my photos ended up being...well...awful. And on top of that, the largest the photos would print? 2x3 inches. I have very few photographs of one of the biggest days of my life, and I regret it daily. But that's also what drives me to capture incredible photos for you and your loved ones. It brings me immense joy to photograph those key moments, whether on your wedding day, or just hanging out with the family on a random Tuesday.

I live in (on?! I'm still new here) Long Island, New York with my husband, two young kids, our dog Skywalker, a slew of reptiles, some sea life, and a rainforest's worth of plants. I love Star Wars, glitter, cupcakes, concerts, and competitive bodybuilding. I'm a tattooed PTA mom and Girl Scout leader with brightly colored hair, whose favorite holiday is Halloween and who knows Disney World like the back of my hand (and I probably need a new headshot...) I presently live for shaky live TikToks of Taylor Swift's Era's Tour.

From a business standpoint, I've been a professional photographer for 16 years. I've organized and hosted local and regional groups for photographers, spoken at industry events and worked as a photography industry educator, with an emphasis on fitness and nutrition for photographers.

I love to travel. I adore offbeat and alternative weddings, as well as unique portrait sessions. And I can't wait to freeze those special little moments in time for you!


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headshot and family photo by Susan Stripling